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About Shoe Den

Shoe Den is one of the top popular Metal Shoe Rack brand in India, Manufactured by Mehar Industries in Hyderabad and distributing all over India covering most of the States and cities. In some cities, we are also providing Our Shoe Rack delivery and installation with a dedicated team of delivery. With Powder-coated technology, it is easy to use in any kind of weather condition for indoor our outdoor, Our Shoe Rack is a long-lasting product with a central locking system.

  • Flexibility: It is easy to mount on the wall and can be used as a floor mount also. our team can deliver and also provide installation within an hour.

  • Safety: It is safe to use. Shoes kept in Shoe Den are fully secured with a centralized lock system. A Single lock can lock all shelves or door at a time.

  • Hygenic: Ventilation system to keep hygienic inside the shoe rack.

  • Storage Capacity: It got plenty of storage capacity with several sizes.

  • All Season Product: Our Shoe rack is made to use all seasons such as Summer, Winter, and rainy too.

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